Business Analyst

Job Title: Business Analyst

Required: Required: 5-years experience in business & strategic planning of the semi-precious gem industry. Special Requirements: must have demonstrated knowledge of Quality Management Systems ISO 9001, 14001, 18001, & Star Export House. Employer will accept special requirements gained through employment experience and/or academic coursework.

Duties: This position performs the full range of business and management analytical functions to support the business and financial programs related to wholesale of semi-precious gems. Advise upper management of our nationwide operations by preparing logistical and financial data analysis reports to improve operational efficiency and effectiveness and coordinates assigned activities with other departments within our company. Essential duties and responsibilities include the following:

Business and Management Analysis – 70%

– Develops business and management models by gathering and organize company operations and financial data as well as interpreting and presenting financial and statistical information to make recommendations to the office of the Vice President and CEO that will maximize profitability and efficiency;

– Performs inventory market value analysis of customer ship of goods and prepares loss and liability financial reports to management, and supports executive’s responsibility of acquiring adequate insurance to defend against loss;

– Inventory management specific to collecting, organizing, quality control management systems involving ISO 9001, 14001, 18001, & Star Export House requirements; and tracking inventory information; compile with the syntax of inventory database and verify the integrity of the syntax of the information to maintain and update inventory database of shipments and freight;

– Prepares and presents comprehensive technical, business/financial, statistical and analytical reports that serve as a resource for executive and management decision making with respect to new equipment purchase where they will use the information and recommendation of whether such purchases will yield efficiency and long-term profit;

– Creates and prepares financial databases that assist with documenting multiple events, projects, programs and practices of the company in U.S. operations;

– Provides the office of the Vice President and CEO with accurate and complete records of interdepartmental and departmental financial and business programs among U.S. based departments and operations;

Business Operations – 30%

– Catalogs business and financial presentations and other relevant information to make it available to senior managers and outside sales/customer service personnel; assists the managers in developing new presentations based on research and financial data collection/analysis, regularly amending, updating, and extracting data sets from existing presentations;

– Attends corporate meetings and provide company executives with data analysis that enable in-house training seminars to insure company uniformity with respect to its business and financial practices including quality assurance, operating / financial procedures, regulatory compliance; and

– Serves as liaison from the Office of the Vice President and CEO with departments and divisions involving the staff, Executive Team, and the upper management related to business communications about management and financial efficiency.

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